In Hong Kong and Macau, Pearson is the leader in all education sectors, ranging from pre-school, primary, secondary and higher education through to adult learning. You may be familiar with some of our products — Longman ElectLongman Dictionary of Contemporary English, among others.

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Disney Kids Reader

  • Dramatised audiobooks – an immersive experience into the enchanting world of Disney stories (in full story or page-by-page audio files)
  • Cinematic origin – Disney-quality artwork
  • Real-life relevancy – stories laden with social values and global citizenship themes
  • Extra resources online – Downloadable teaching notes & photocopiable activity sheets
  • Graded readers – GSE-mapped titles in 6 levels
Pearson Easy Pen Plus / 培生易學筆 Plus

Pearson Easy Pen Plus / 培生易學筆 Plus

  • APP 模式配合智能手機及平板電腦播放故事歌曲動畫
  • 備有錄音及播放功能
  • 可配合錄音貼紙自製有聲教材
  • 通過國際安全測試,提供 1年免費保養,安全可靠
  • 備 8GB 容量,已預載培生八大皇牌系列的發聲檔案