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示範短片(5-8歲 乖巧幼兒組)
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示範短片(5-8歲 乖巧幼兒組)
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Other Terms and Conditions

Pearson Education Asia Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Pearson”) is the organiser of this Contest. Information on how to enter, mechanics of Entry and prizes form part of the Conditions of Entry. By entering the Contest, the legal guardians, acting on behalf of the Contestants, acknowledge that they have read and understood the following terms and conditions (the Terms) and agree to be bound by them. Pearson reserves the right to disqualify any Entry that has breached any of the Terms or to revoke the prize(s) awarded.

  1. As far as circumstances allow, Pearson would advise Contestants to remove any face covering when appearing in the vlog. However, it is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to assess the health risks to their children. We advise parents/guardians to always follow the health guidelines as stipulated by the Government and the Health Authority.
  2. There is a limit of one (1) Entry per Contestant. If more than one (1) Entry is submitted, only the Contestant’s first submission will be considered. Subsequent Entries from the same Contestant will not be considered.
  3. Once the Entry with the video is submitted, the Entry cannot be modified, amended, supplemented, or replaced.
  4. Submission time of an Entry is based on the time of receipt by Pearson. Late submissions will not be accepted. Pearson is not liable in any way for any loss, delay or transmission error during the submission of Entries.
  5. If an Entry is successfully uploaded, the Contestant will receive a confirmation email within three (3) working days to the email account on the Entry Form.
  6. Contestants should warrant that their Entries do not infringe any intellectual property rights. If any acts of plagiarism, intellectual property rights infringement or unauthorised use are involved, the Contestants shall assume all liability arising from these actions and shall be disqualified or become ineligible for any awards or prizes.
    IMPORTANT: Major global brands are particularly strict with trademark and copyright infringement, which applies to the use in the vlog of any movies, songs, and art (including photography and digital imagery, logos, slogans, branded names, words, phrases, designs, or symbols) to distinguish one particular brand. The infringing party shall be liable for losses, claims, compensation, expenses, complaints or the like whatsoever of any third parties which Pearson may be subject to as a result of such infringement. Any prizes already awarded shall be revoked.
  7. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure that the content of Entry foster and nurture the positive value formation to promote harmony, friendship, love, and support. The videos must not contain any offensive, derogatory, indecent, obscene, hateful, tortuous, defamatory, slanderous, libellous, disrespectful, violent content or any other inappropriate messages. Video Entries must not contain deceptive, false, or misleading content, including deceptive claims. Pearson reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual Entries.
  8. Entries must be original works and have not been publicly released (including but not limited to texts, images, videos, interactive games, and other content published on social media platforms during the contest period).
  9. Prizes are not transferable, exchangeable, or redeemable for their cash values or against other assets, except with the express consent of Pearson.
  10. The dates and time herein are based on Hong Kong time zone UTC+08:00 and the time for submission of any Entry is the reception time on Pearson’s server and computer records.
  11. In the event that any winner(s) is/are not contactable or fail(s) to claim the Prize(s) on designated date and time, Prize(s) will be forfeited and no compensation will be given.
  12. Pearson reserves the right to substitute at all times the Prizes with others of comparable values and nature without providing any justification.
  13. By participating in this Contest, the parents/guardians representing the Contestants agree to Pearson's use of the videos and information of the winners (including their names and other personal information). The parents/guardians also agree that Pearson shall own the Entries (including images of the Contestants, voice and/or likeness, all ideas, forms, designs, patents, copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property embodied therein). Pearson shall have the perpetual, worldwide right to edit, modify, reproduce, sell or offer it for sale, distribute, broadcast, display, share, publish, forward, release, authorise, and use the Entries, the whole or part of, in any way, and in any media for trade, advertising, and promotional activities without further compensation except where prohibited by law. Any earnings, gains, and profits arising from such use or activities shall belong to Pearson.
  14. Personal data (including names, contact numbers and email addresses) are to be used for the purpose of this Contest. If any Contestant fails to provide the necessary information, s/he shall not be able to participate in this Contest and the Entry shall be deemed invalid.
  15. Pearson reserves the right to amend the Terms without prior notice. In the event of disputes, decisions by Pearson shall be final.
  16. Pearson reserves the right of final decision on any disputes related to the results of this Contest.
  17. In case of discrepancies between the provision of the English version and the Chinese version of the Terms, the English version shall prevail.