Everyone needs to be certain that the delivery of education remains high quality and competitive. Governments, regulators, parents and students need to be confident that learning is effective and delivering what they expect of it. Testing and benchmarking also bring other benefits. We use the data from our testing programmes and technology-based solutions to help students identify where they need to improve, so they can focus their efforts and achieve more. This transforms assessment into yet another way to personalise learning.

At the core of everything we do at Pearson is the desire to make a measurable impact on improving people’s lives through learning.

From preschool to university, through to professional certification; our qualifications, curriculum materials, multimedia learning tools and testing programmes help to educate millions of people worldwide.

We are the UK’s largest awarding body and offer academic (Edexcel and Pearson Tests of English) and vocational (BTEC and LCCI) qualifications that are globally recognized and benchmarked.

By bringing together international assessment and education experts, Pearson is developing World Class Qualifications that empower learners to develop important skills to make progress in their lives through learning. Setting a new gold standard in education, with unrivalled support for teachers and students every step of the way, Pearson is committed to education and achieving long-term learner outcomes.