Primary Longman Elect e-Textbook

Primary Longman Elect e-Textbook follows the aims and objectives laid down in the Curriculum Guide. It offers balanced coverage of the learning targets, language items, language skills and generic skills with appropriate learning activities.

The content has been kept as closely to the original as possible to facilitate school administration where there may be parallel e-learning classes and classes using printed textbooks. Wherever appropriate, e-features have been added in the e-Textbook to enhance learning effectiveness.

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Audio Demonstration of pronunciation of key words, phonics sounds, continuous texts and dialogues. All audio performance is done by native speakers and not text-to-speech software to provide authentic and accurate examples for learners to follow.
Karaoke Reading Demonstration of reading aloud of continuous texts and dialogues with karaoke effect and animation where appropriate.
Print-on-Demand (POD) The primary reading materials are available for printing.
Phonics Video Visual demonstration of phonics sounds by native speakers allowing pupils to observe and learn the proper shape of the mouth when producing sounds in the English language.
Recording For practising reading aloud of key words, continuous texts and dialogues For recording pair work / group discussions and oral presentations The audio files are submitted to the platform for teacher and peer evaluation
Pre-lesson preparation A flexible design to accommodate any pre-lesson preparation work assigned by teachers
Interactive activities

The learning activities in the printed version have been converted into interactive activities to facilitate self-study. There are two kinds of activities — those that can be done directly on the book page and others that can be accessed by clicking/tapping the icon.

The activities can be done in both online and offline environments. (The results can only be submitted to the platform in an online environment.) There is instant feedback informing learners about whether their answers are right or wrong.

Hints Learners are encouraged to learn from their mistakes by redoing the activities until they get the answers right. To cater for learner diversity, hints are provided to help less able learners where appropriate.
My word bank Catering for learner diversity, more able learners are encouraged to learn extra words related to the theme. They can type the words in the notepad or in the ‘My word bank’ section at the back of each book.
Listening activities Listening practice for developing different listening skills.
Audio script To facilitate self-study, instant feedback is provided and learners are encouraged to redo the activities until they get the answers right. To support less able learners, audio scripts are provided but they can only be viewed after the activity (not during the activity).
Task While the ‘Practice’ section of the Task has been converted into an interactive activity, learners are expected to do the real Task with paper and pen (Task sheets available) so that their development of penmanship and proofreading skills are not replaced by digital means.

Link to the free online Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English.

By encouraging learners to look up the meaning and usage of unknown words, their study skills can be developed.

Insert / Bookmark / Highlight Pen To cater for different learning styles, the e-Textbook offer tools that allow learners to personalise their learning by inserting notes/web links, adding bookmarks and highlighting text. The inserted notes etc are synchronisable to more than one device via the Internet.