Global Survey of Educator Effectiveness

Teacher Effectiveness Makes a Difference in Students’ Lives

Wherever learning flourishes, so do people. Teachers play an important role. Research shows that teachers are the most important school-based factor in student learning.

But those most affected by the quality of the teaching and learning process—students, teachers, parents, and even school administrators—are often left out of the conversation.

Pearson surveyed a range of citizens in 23 countries/territories (including Hong Kong) asking the question: “What do you think are the most important qualities of an effective teacher?”

Pearson’s Global Survey of Educator Effectiveness explores how people answered by country, role, development level, and many more characteristics. By giving education stakeholders a voice, it provides an opportunity frame important policy decisions that directly impact their lives. The report provides recommendations for how to use these findings.

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Relationships and Care Matter Most

Survey respondents did not focus first on how much a teacher knew, or even what kinds of teaching methods he or she used, but instead on the teacher’s disposition.

The most common response, regardless of country, gender or other factors, is that relationships between teachers and students matter most.

People around the world recognize that teachers need to be able to build compassionate, trusting relationships with students to create a safe, positive and productive teaching and learning environment.

Top 5 most valued qualities for teachers across 23 countries/territories (including Hong Kong)

  • The ability to develop trusting, compassionate relationships with students
  • Patient, caring, and kind personality
  • Professionalism
  • Subject matter knowledge
  • Knowledge of learners

Values versus Level of Development

Does a country’s level of human development affect what is valued in teachers? Less developed countries tend to value the teacher’s professionalism more strongly.

However, despite the different challenges countries face in developing an effective teaching workforce and an education system provides all students with opportunities to learn, individuals still emphasize that relationship between teachers and students matter most.

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We surveyed more than 13,000 individuals in 23 countries/territories (including Hong Kong). Explore what stakeholders in each place say makes teachers effective, and how that affects each place’s education goals: