Measuring success

Our purpose as a company – and, ultimately, the true measure of our success – is whether we really do help someone make progress in their life. Did we help someone graduate college, learn a new language, get that new job? Did we help them to be happier? We find the answers by measuring the outputs of all our inputs, and then trusting what the data tells us.

We refer to this commitment as 'efficacy'. We have publicly pledged to report on the effectiveness of our entire range of products from 2018, but we're not waiting until then to get started.

We have decided to be open and transparent in our efficacy journey; because we want others to join us, but also because we know we won't have all the answers. We're collecting everything we know and find out on our efficacy website, including the toolkit we use to measure our impact. By being open, we hope to make progress, together as a global community, away from a culture that focuses on the inputs of education, to one that measures its success by outputs.

Supporting our commitment to efficacy are Pearson’s Efficacy Growth & Impact Goals, an ambitious vision by which Pearson commits to impacting the lives of 200 million learners by 2025 in critical ways including:

  • Access to high quality primary, secondary & postsecondary education.
  • Success in education through enhanced literacy, numeracy, knowledge & skills.
  • Progress as a result of education into a first career or advancement in career.

You can visit our efficacy website to learn more.