"HTi provides students with a unique learning experience. It's a good learning tool as its attractive visuals engage students to learn more. I would recommend Hospitality students to use it."
Cheryl Lam, Student, University of Macau


“MyAccountingLab really helps me to understand all the topics that I have difficulties in. With the help of learning aids such as videos and Demo Docs, I get to learn more in depth about each topic. Also, the “Help Me Solve This” learning aid gives me questions similar to the those I have difficulty in answering and explains in detail how to solve them. This really saves me time and helps me to answer the questions with a better understanding. I get to finish my homework on time and can keep up with what’s happening in the class. It has also helped me score 95% for my mid-term exam.”
Leon Alexander Chuan, Student, Taylor's University

“MyAccountingLab has a Study Plan that gives me a guideline for how I should study accounting. It also has hints that guide me through similar questions so that I can solve the question that I’m working on. It gives clear explanations on why certain answers for objective questions are wrong. This helps to give me a clearer understanding of accounting. I also like that I can check my answers as I’m working through my tutorials in MyAccountingLab. I think MyAccountinglab is useful, interactive and easy to use. We don’t need to waste lots of paper writing everything down anymore.”
Amanda Kar-Men Lee, Student, Taylor's University

“The videos in MasteringBiology are very clear in showing biomolecules which would have been difficult to illustrate otherwise. When attempting the questions in MasteringBiology, the hints given are very useful in guiding me through the more challenging parts. I believe MasteringBiology helped me get a better grade.”
– Tsz-Ning Lo, Student, City University of Hong Kong


"I like MyFinanceLab a lot! The Study Plan feature helps me keep track of my learning progress. The unlimited number of practice opportunities in MyFinanceLab also allows me to practice more, thereby helping me better prepare for my exams."
- Sze-Long Sharon Ng, Student, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

"MyFinanceLab is a useful study tool to help students learn Finance in an effective way. What I like most is that it has different types of questions for me to practice. I also like that the Help Me Solve This learning aid explains to me the steps to solving problems."
- Kwun-Sing Cheung, Student, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

"Lectures are more about concepts, while MyFinanceLab is more about putting those concepts into calculations. With the detailed, step-by-step solutions in "View an Example", MyFinanceLab helps me learn how to calculate financial questions. It also gives me extra exercises for practice which helps me to prepare for exams."
- Carol Choi, Student, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

"MyFinanceLab is excellent as it forces me to review course content on a regular basis. When I don't know how to solve a problem, Help Me Solve This uses a clear step-by-step approach to guide me through the problem. The best part is it doesn't show me all the answers at the same time, giving me a chance to attempt the problem. I really like that MyFinanceLab has many questions for me to practice for my exams."
- Woon-Yu Diana Chung, Student, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

“MyFinanceLab is good as it has lots of questions with specific feedback given to help students have a better understanding of how to solve the problems. The View an Example learning aid really helped me a lot as it uses a different set of numbers to demonstrate step-by-step how to solve a similar question. This makes it easier for me to understand the problem and how to solve it. I think I’ve gotten a better grade in my exam as a result of using MyFinanceLab.”
Pui-Ling Hau, Student, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

"The practical problems are all here in MyFinanceLab. I use the questions as exercises to practice. Practice makes perfect. It certainly helps me to better prepare for my exams. Help Me Solve This is the most helpful when working through problems as it clearly shows the steps to tackling questions. I would say that MyFinanceLab is undoubtedly a useful study tool that helps students do well in their finance course."
- Chun-Tung Kwok, Student, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

"Really helpful, you can better understand the textbook with its help"
黄炘, Student, China Foreign Affairs University


"MyManagementLab – and most particularly, the on-line assessment tools – has proved extremely valuable in getting the MBA students in my organizational behavior course to identify skill deficiencies that they can work on improving. I strongly recommend it."
Professor Bruce W. Stening, Vlerick International Dean to BiMBA, Peking University


"MyOMLab provides very good web resources to support my use of the Operations Management book by Heizer and Render. It facilitates some of my administrative routines thus enabling me to focus more on the real teaching aspects of my job."
Professor Lecturer Ramon H. Enriquez, University of the Philippines (2012), Dilliman – CBA

Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics


"It is a useful platform both to revise and to learn aspects of the topic beyond what was covered in the lectures"
Julia Lim, Student, NUS

"A private teacher at your convenience"
Nixon Tan, Student, NUS

"Your professor and dissection lab brought right to your doorstep."
Abigail Chew, Student, NUS


“MasteringBiology was fun and interactive—it’s the best study experience I’ve ever had! It’s easy to use and everything you need to learn in the course is there. The animations and BioFlix are extremely valuable resources as they helped me to visualize biology. I wish I had a program like this in some of my other courses.”
Shirlie Chong, Student, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

“MasteringBiology is the best program ever! It is really very useful, interactive, and made learning Biology much easier and a lot more fun. I’m so glad our school uses it because it can help you to understand concepts better. I like BioFlix most. The teachers also give us revision quizzes through MasteringBiology, which are very useful for exam preparations. You can even bookmark pages and add notes to the eText, making revision easier. You should definitely use it!”
Jesslyn J-Ting Koh, Student, Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary)


"MasteringChermistry, as an online teaching system, raises the efficient on teaching in a large extend. It is especially useful in monitoring students’ understanding on concepts which in turn helps to enhance teaching by identifying the weakness of students. This online assignment system reinforces what students learnt in class and allows lecturers to assess student performances effectively. If MasteringChemistry can include more advanced and upper level course contents will be perfect."
Dr. Xu Zongxiang, South University of Science and Technology of China
– 南方科技大学化学系许宗祥老师

“MasteringChemistry provides different resources to help students learn and understand chemistry concepts. This is very useful for me because I prefer conceptual learning rather than memorizing. I’ve learned new concepts and developed a deeper insight into chemistry. Also, I like that MasteringChemistry has assignment tests, an eText and lecture slides for each chapter.”
Benny Febriansyah, Student, Nanyang Technological University

“I think the assignments in MasteringChemistry are very useful in helping us understand the concepts better. Hints are given in a way that stimulates critical thinking. The hints are not too explicit, yet they are helpful in encouraging us to think more about the questions and re-attempt them. I also appreciate the flexibility in answering (e.g. rounding, significant figures, format of answer) and having an eText.”
Andhini Shonata, Student, Nanyang Technological University


“MyMathLab was particularly helpful to provide additional explanations for weak students and to save my time. Before MyMathLab I had to come up with problem sets myself, prepare all solutions, and explain the solutions during tutorial sessions. It took a lot of time and didn’t capture the needs of all students - stronger students don’t need hints and explanations and weaker ones need more hints and explanations. With MyMathLab everyone can work on practice exercises at their own pace. Now since MyMathLab already comes with hints and solutions, I can do something other than explaining exercises during a tutorial session; I now fill this review time with more interesting activities, like group discussions.”
Dr Fedor Duzhin, Nanyang Technological University

“MyMathLab is like a home Mathematics teacher. It provides many exercises for me to do, so that I can practice my Mathematics well. If I don’t really know how to solve any of the questions, I will click on the “Help Me Solve This” button. It's very useful as it gives detailed explanations to teach me how to approach the questions and solve them until I can manage to solve the questions on my own. By doing all the questions in MyMathLab, I manage to get high marks in my Mathematics exams.”
Yong-Jian Eyok, Student, Multimedia University

“MyMathLab is a useful online system that gives me many good examples on the different math topics and prepares me well for my exams. When I’m stuck at a question, Help Me Solve This teaches me how to solve it. The Study Plan also gives me extra practices to help me on my weaker topics.”
Joanna Mui-Ling Tan, Student, Republic Polytechnic

“My mathematics used to be really not good, but after using MyMathLab my mathematics has improved a lot. MyMathLab has lots of exercises for me to practice before the exams. When I don’t know how to solve a problem, “View an Example” provides me with an example for reference. MyMathLab is really a fantastic online system that can help students score well in exams!”
Shu-Chen You, Student, Multimedia University


"Most user-friendly website for medical students/nurses."
Ngiam Chao Ya, Student, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

"It is a place where I can learn more about the topics of what I've learnt in school."
Ravina Vaswani, Student, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

"It is useful website for students to learn nursing science effectively."
Shim Ka Lok, Student, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

"A new way of learning textbook knowlegde"
Yanye, Student, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

"If you have any doubt during study the lecture you can always refer to my nursing lab"
Leong Kah Yin, Student, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

"It is an useful programme used to study with sufficient information/explanation, and colourful pictures. It's going to help you in your studies."
Yong Shu Yee, Student, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

"A fun, mobile, information book that u can access anywhere and anytime."
Hazelinda Bte Mustaffa, Student, Ngee Ann Polytechnic


"Its a useful tool for beginners and also a good reference text to clear doubts from concepts"
Ng Hong Kuan, Student, NTU

"It is a detailed guide that provides better and easy comprehension of the course"
Chan Ying Siew, Student, NTU


“MyStatLab is a good learning platform which can help me study more conveniently. The Study Plan has helped me better manage my studies helping me study more efficiently. I like that MyStatLab has lots of quizzes and tests as I can learn statistics better through solving more questions.”
Jia-Qi Fu, Student, Beijing International Studies University

“The learning aids in MyStatLab give me a direction to deal with the homework, helping me again and again until I understand the questions. I think the Help Me Solve This learning aid is the most useful as it walks me step-by-step through a question to help me solve it. I also like that the Study Plan tracks my progress and shows me which topics I need to spend more time on.”
Lvjuan Wu, Student, Beijing International Studies University

Humanities & Social Science


"The good thing about MyPsychLab is that the majority of the teaching functions, such as giving assignments, online chat and online classes, have been incorporated online. Multimedia support for each of the topics in Psychology is included and can be downloaded by the students, helping them understand more about the various topics. Also, it gives us ease in grading because each time students take the test online or in the lab, they get the feedback immediately at their desk."
Professor Jay C. Arellaga, Mapúa Institute of Technology

"Before using MyPsychLab we observed high records of absences and tardiness. Some students were also not as diligent in terms of submitting exercises and assignments, and many of them were failing examinations. When we started using MyPsychLab, we observed that students became more interested in attending classes and participating in class discussions. And they are getting high grades in their quizzes and examinations."
Dr Jonathan V. Macayan, Mapúa Institute of Technology


“MyWritingLab is an awesome way to build up my English foundation. I really like that the results are immediate and it tells me what my mistakes are.”
Firdaus Firlany B Roslan, Student, Ngee Ann Polytechnic