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Pearson’s Edexcel qualifications are delivered in UK and international schools and include GCE A levels, International Advanced Levels (IAL), GCSEs and International GCSEs. Offered in over 94 countries worldwide, Edexcel qualifications have an international reputation for excellence.

They are developed to Pearson’s world-class qualification principles, which mean that the content and assessment of Edexcel qualifications are benchmarked against other leading international curriculums. We work collaboratively with a panel of thought-leaders to ensure that Edexcel qualifications represent world-class best practice and enable learners to access top global universities.

Edexcel qualification type Overview
Edexcel GCE A Levels Regulated by Ofqual, Edexcel GCE A Levels are the exact same as those offered in the UK. They are among the most widely known academic qualifications in the world. Available in over 30 subjects, they equip learners, generally aged 16 – 18 with the knowledge and skills to access the world’s best universities.
Edexcel IALs Edexcel IALs have been developed to the same high standards as Edexcel GCE A Levels for the unique needs of the global learner. They provide schools with the flexibility to teach a modular A Level qualification that is 100% externally assessed, with exams in both January and June (except Law, with June exams only). They are currently available in 12 subjects. 
Edexcel GCSEs Regulated by Ofqual, Edexcel GCSEs are the exact same as those offered in the UK and are globally recognised secondary qualifications for learners generally aged 14 – 16. 
Edexcel International GCSEs Edexcel International GCSEs are written to the same rigorous standards as our GCSEs. Many include specific international content, making them more relevant to students across the world. They are also 100% externally assessed, with the added flexibility of exams in January and June. 

Edexcel support

We offer an unparalleled level of support to make Edexcel learners and teachers lives easier. Support includes:

New-look certificates

Pearson has a new logo and, from January 2017, this will appear on all our certificates. You can view samples of our new certificates below.​


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