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Pearson Edexcel General & A Level Qualifications

Pearson’s Edexcel qualifications are delivered in UK and international schools and include GCE A levels, International Advanced Levels (IAL), GCSEs and International GCSEs. Offered in over 94 countries worldwide, Edexcel qualifications have an international reputation for excellence.

Curricula are designed to Pearson’s world-class qualification principles and benchmarked against other leading international curricula. On which, International A Levels are redeveloped in September 2018 We work collaboratively with a panel of thought-leaders to ensure that Pearson Edexcel qualifications represent world-class best practice and enable learners to access top global universities.

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Pearson Edexcel International Curricula & Qualification Overview

Ages 5-11

International GCSEs & GCSEs
Ages 14-16

IALs & GCE A Levels
Ages 16 or over

Pearson Edexcel support

We offer an unparalleled level of support to make Edexcel learners and teachers lives easier. Support includes:


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