Progression and recognition

Students that have studied the Edexcel Academic qualifications look to pursue higher education both in their home country and abroad. The Progress to University is part of our new service, Progression Plus, which has been created to support our students to achieve their goals and ambitions. The purpose is to help students make informed choices about their next steps into higher education and to find out where their Edexcel qualifications can take them. To find out more, visit our Progress to University website.​

Pearson created Edexcel IALs in partnership with world leading Higher-Education Institutions, to offer student progression onto a fulfilling and worthwhile study programme. Like all Pearson qualifications, Edexcel IALs have been designed to be demanding in their content, rigorous in their assessment, inclusive in their curriculum and empowering for all. Pearson commissioned UK NARIC (the UK’s national agency for providing information, advice and expert opinion on qualifications worldwide) to undertake an independent assessment of the Edexcel IALs. The findings of this review by UK NARIC concluded that Edexcel IALs ‘can be considered comparable to the overall GCE A level standard’ offered in the UK.

For a quick access to Edexcel GCE A level or IAL university recognition area, you can: