Experts/Test takers stories

Wendy Ma

Assistant Dean and Director, Professional Master Programs, University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business

PTE Academic: Benefits for test takers

Kate Klepper

Associate Dean, Graduate Business Programs, Northeastern University College of Business Administration

PTE Academic: Benefits for test takers

David A. Wilson

President and Chief Executive Officer,
Graduate Management Admission Council® (GMAC®)

Ernest J. Anastasio

Senior Advisor, International Assessment
Graduate Management Admission Council® (GMAC®)

Professor Dr. Rolf D. Cremer

Dean and Vice President,
China Europe International Business School

Randall T. Sawyer

Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, Cornell University The Johnson School

Marjorie Scardino

Chief Executive Officer,

About PTE Academic

PTE Academic test takers

Amy Armstrong

Director of Marketing, Ashridge Business School, UK

"PTE Academic score data on the enabling language skills, such as fluency, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, give us a great tool to assess the language abilities of incoming MBA applications to ensure they can interact at the levels expected in a small, experienced group of professionals on the Ashridge MBA program."

Frances Murphy

Director of Graduate Admissions Baruch College, Zicklin School Business, CUNY New York, US

"I am truly excited about PTE Academic. After working for years with other English language tests and getting increasingly frustrated, I am ready for something new and better. I have worked with Pearson during the development of this test and have had the opportunity to see its innovative design and capabilities. In addition, PTE Academic is endorsed by the Graduate Management Admission Council®, GMAC® ─ so it is backed by Pearson and GMAC®, both brands that we know and trust."

Christopher Campbell

Chairman & Managing Director,
Academic Australasia Group of Colleges

"Having had students from 90 countries, the colleges in our group have seen significant differences in quality in respect to the same standard. It is important to be able to rely on a robust test that takes away the risk of assessor subjectivity. We particularly like the automated scoring system and are pleased to recognize PTE Academic."