Hong Kong Vocational English Programme (HKVEP)

About Hong Kong Vocational English Programme

In 1994, Hong Kong Vocational English Programme (HKVEP) was collaboratively launched by the Hong Kong Government and the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry International Qualifications (LCCIIQ) (now LCCIIQ by Pearson) to enhance the practical English skills of the Hong Kong workforce. Through working with course providers with its framework for curricula, assessment and certification, HKVEP helps to assure the quality of workplace English courses.

HKVEP has partnered with various local training providers including:

Upon the successful completion of the HKVEP benchmarked courses, each participant will receive both an LCCI Certificate and an HKVEP Module Performance Report. The two qualification documents are issued together and one is not valid without the other.

LCCI Certificate shows the performance of a certificate holder in all the benchmarked vocational English modules he/she has completed. It is an international recognition of one’s achievements and provides evidence of one’s ability to use English for vocational purposes.

  • Before November, 2014 issue Certificate [Sample]
  • After November, 2014 issue Certificate [Sample]

The HKVEP Module Performance Report (MPR) is a document detailing the vocational English language competency the course participant has achieved after finishing each benchmarked vocational English module. [Sample]

Each year, the vocational English achievements of more than 25,000 learners are certified through the HKVEP, awarding them an internationally recognised LCCI Certificate to help with their job application for further studies.


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