About LCCI qualifications

Your next job starts with LCCI

Pearson’s LCCI qualifications are work-related qualifications, created to give professional learners the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the workplace. LCCI qualifications are available in more than 80 countries.

LCCI is a flexible qualifications programme with examinations at various levels, enabling learners to enter at the level that's most appropriate for them. Diplomas and Group Awards are also available to allow learners to add to their marketable skills and, in many cases, receive professional status.

The subject areas covered by LCCI qualifications are:

  • Financial and quantitative
  • Marketing and customer service
  • Business, administration and IT
  • English language

New-look certificates

Pearson has a new logo and, from January 2017, this will appear on all our certificates. You can view samples of our new certificates below.


To find out more about LCCI qualifications, visit qualifications.pearson.com/lcci

Please call +852 8129 0100 or email pqs.internationaleo@pearson.com for any enquiries.