Maths series

Make a weighing device

Check whether the steelyard can measure the weight of an object accurately after you finish building your steelyard.

Language: Chinese / English

Duration: 2-3 hours

Using Geometry in Technology Innovation

Explore the different states of matter.

Language: Chinese / English

Duration: 1 hour

mBot Racing Car

Enable the mBot racing car to finish all tasks at specific locations on the track through calcuating its speed.

Language: Chinese / English

Duration: 80 minutes (2 lessons)

School-based ICT Theme G1 – Scratch Programming

Write a program without worrying the syntax of the programming language by making use of a block-based programming tool called Scratch.

Language: Chinese / English

Duration: 520 minutes (13 lessons)

School-based ICT Theme G2 – Programming an mBot

School-based ICT Theme Control the movement of an mBot car using mBlock programming tool.

Language: Chinese / English

Duration: 280 minutes (7 lessons)