Longman was founded in London by Thomas Longman.



Longman published the first English dictionary in the world, A Dictionary of the English Language, by Dr Samuel Johnson.



Longman opened its office in Hong Kong.


Longman was acquired by Pearson plc, a world renowned media company.


Longman's first secondary English textbook series for Hong Kong, Integrated English, was published and acquired a significant market share.



Welcome to English, a textbook series for primary students, was launched with huge success. It became the market leader and was adapted for 5 countries.

Longman's first bilingual dictionary, Longman English-Chinese Dictionary of Contemporary English, was published.

The Longman Anniversary Book Show was held to celebrate Longman's 30th anniversary.



Addison Wesley Longman was formed by the merger of Addison-Wesley and Longman to become the world's largest ELT publisher.


We the first educational publisher in Hong Kong to launch a company website, which provided teachers, students and the public with the latest information about local education, our products as well as teaching support resources.


Pearson Education, the world's largest educational publisher, was formed from the merger of Addison Wesley Longman and Simon & Schuster education, business, reference and professional businesses. Pearson Education employed over 10,000 people and published over 40,000 educational texts and programmes in 18 languages in 40 countries.

We pioneered in IT education with the formation of Electronic Publishing Department. It published multimedia course components to cater for the increasing demand for IT education in Hong Kong.

Longman's first pre-school English coursebook series, Welcome to English (Pre-school), gained popularity among nurseries and kindergartens in Hong Kong.


Pearson Education North Asia established its regional headquarters in Hong Kong.


We were the first educational publisher in Hong Kong that launched companion websites to provide online support materials that accompanied our coursebook series to teachers and students.

The two secondary English coursebook series, Longman Target English and Longman Express, won landsliding victory in the market with their outstanding quality.



Longman Teachers' Resource Centre was established in Macau.

The first junior secondary Putonghua series《普通話新紀元》was very well received and became the market leader.


Pearson Education Asia, headquartered in Hong Kong, was formed with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines joining Pearson Education North Asia.


Interactive Science was successfully launched and paved the way for Senior Secondary Science studies and the New Senior Secondary courses.


Pearson was the first company to provide on-site educational services.


Seminars on the new school-based assessment Chinese Language curriculum were held. Pearson became the first company to provide tailor-made after-sale service.



Longman Junior Liberal Studies (Chinese edition) became the market leader since its launch.



Longman Activate and Longman Elect were launched and became the market leader in English language textbooks preparing for New Senior Secondary.



50th anniversary of Pearson Longman Hong Kong.


Pearson Longman Hong Kong was renamed Pearson Hong Kong.


The brand-new Education Solutions team, a group of professionals who are focused on delivering customised educational content and services tailored to each school's specific needs with Pearson's wealth of content and technology, is launched.


Launching a series of learning apps suited for the local primary curriculum of subjects including Chinese, English, Mathematics, General Studies, Putonghua, and Music.


A wireless interactive e-Learning solution iLesson is successfully developed. Teachers can keep track of students’ progress through tablets. iLesson supports iPad, Android tablet and PC, which caters for students’ learning needs before, during and after class.


The 4th generation Student’s e-Textbook was launched and the auto-marked exercises with instant feedback allow teachers to monitor students’ performance in real time.